05 Jun 2017

Conveyor belt systems have been simplifying material handling in commercial and industrial settings since time immemorial. From pharmaceutical to beverage, almost every industry is moved by conveyor belt systems.

If you are planning to expand your industrial setup and want more conveyor belt systems in place for material handling, here’s a quick piece of information to help you understand custom conveyor belt systems and how they can help you with material handling.

Custom conveyor systems are just regular conveyors that are tailored to meet your individual needs. Custom conveyor belt systems can be designed according to the material they may be carrying, how far they would travel on the belt, where exactly they must land and in what manner they must move. When you explain all of this to your service provider, they will design a custom conveyor belt system to successfully meet your need.

How operation of custom conveyor belts is different from the regular ones?

Certainly, custom conveyor belts have additional setups that move and separate material in a particular fashion. In most cases, the additional setup is static and is strategically placed around the moving conveyor belt to achieve the desired movement. Precision really matters in designing a custom conveyor belt. A little error in measurements or placement can result in low productivity or no productivity at all.

Therefore, it is important to choose an experienced service provider who can design a custom conveyor belt to best meet your purpose. Also, do not forget to run demo tests once the setup is ready.