1. How do I connect my Water Spray Gun?
    Wainwright Water Spray Guns are easy to install. Connection is as simple as connecting the fitting to a water tap with a 1/2″ thread, similar to that of a standard garden hose tap. Once this is done, you’re free to use your quality product.
  2. Can I get Conveyor Parts for any conveyor?
    Yes. At Wainwright, we not only engineer Conveyor Systems, but we make Conveyor Parts for our own conveyors and even our competitors. Whether you purchase one of our custom designed conveyors, or a standard conveyor model, Wainwright can manufacture Conveyor Parts for both.
  3. As steel fabricators, what steel to you conveyor?
    Our general engineering services mean that we can fabricate steel for any requirement. Whether you need steel fabrications for a component or conveyor, our engineering team can complete the task at hand.
  4. Can I move raw food on my Belt Conveyor?
    Yes you can move some raw foods on the Belt Conveyor, just ensure it is running at the correct speed. Belt material must be made of high quality materials. The Belt Conveyor is the safest method of raw material transportation.
  5. Can I run a Chain Conveyor at any speed?
    You can run our conveyors and quality Conveyor Systems at a number of speeds. The Chain Conveyor can vary, like other conveyors from 2 metres a minute up to 50 metres per minute. How fast your conveyor runs will depend on the material that needs to be moved.
  6. How wide should my Gravity Roller Conveyor be?
    Ideally, your Gravity Roller Conveyor or Powered Roller Conveyor should be larger than the product width. Avoid having your product hanging over the frame as it will be a hazard over time. Ensure your materials are evenly distributed across the conveyor to ensure the conveyor runs smoothly.
  7. What kind of Chain Conveyor drives can I implement?
    Wainwright can engineer your Chain Conveyor to include caterpillar, sprocket or pneumatic drive units. Engineer your Chain Conveyor any way you please, or purchase a standard model from our factory. All bi-planner conveyors, Flexible Conveyors, Belt Conveyors and Conveyor Systems are durable and cost effective.
  8. Can I get a Flexible Conveyor customised for my business?
    At Wainwright Engineering, you can get a Flexible Conveyor and entire conveyor system to suit your business requirements. We engineer conveyors of all types, the Flexible Conveyor designed to be multi-directional and provide multiple product transport options.

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Jeff Spencer – Dunlop Foams

Project Engineer

The reasons we chose to use and are still using Wainwright Engineering is for the cost, design, finish and service back up.

Their delivery is on time and when I needed alterations on jobs during and after manufacture nothing was too much of a proble

Andrew Whale – Sprint Gas

General Manager

Wainwright Engineering has been a strategic partner of Sprint Gas for over 10 years .Wainwright have assisted our business in both quality products and in improving our production processes and assembly lines.

They continue to supply us high quality

Peter Kennedy – Specsavers

Project Engineer

To say that Wainwright Engineering provided Specsavers with conveyors and logic from day one of the start up of Specsavers in Australia and New Zealand would be a gross understatement.

What Wainwright Engineering did provide was knowledge and skill

Stephen Mocellin – St Kilda Marina

We here at St Kilda Marina have had a long and extensive relationship with Wainwright Engineering. Our professional and friendly relationship goes back pre 1989. In that time Wainwright has been involved in the manufacture of certain specialised dock components for our marina. We have no hesitation

Chris Whicker – East Coast Scaffolding NSW

General Manager
Wainwright provided East Coast Scaffolding with a custom built conveyor system that was individually designed to fit within our existing scaffolding refurbishment process. They integrated the conveyor pneumatically to trigger our spraying system which fully automated our cleaning & painting line

Chris Emmins – PFS Services

Wainwright Engineering has offered PFS Services many years of professional service and solutions for our paint and drying line installations. They are always our first point of call when designing Conveyor Systems for our QuickCAT Infra-red drying systems.

Mathew Poppins – Mad 4 Hair

I have just received the spray gun I ordered from you. It does exactly the job I needed it for and I am very impressed with your service and how quickly you responded. I know if I need to use your services again I can do so with complete confidence.

Scott Daniels – Evonik Degussa Australia Pty Ltd

Engineering Services Manager

Wainwright Engineering have provided Evonik with excellent service providing the equipment and parts we required in a fast and efficient manner. Build quality has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to using Wainwright in the future.

Phillip De Waal – Venture DMG

Maintenance Supervisor

Wainwright engineering services has looked after Venture DMG paint shop conveyors for 8 years. Wainwright has helped us with everything from day to day maintenance to large project redesigns. We are a pretty demanding customer who works in a just in time basis for Toyota, Ford

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