04 Jun 2015

To say that Wainwright Engineering provided Specsavers with conveyors and logic from day one of the start up of Specsavers in Australia and New Zealand would be a gross understatement.

What Wainwright Engineering did provide was knowledge and skill to allow a then unheard of organisation in Australia and New Zealand (Specsavers), go from unheard of to a household name.

What Wainwright Engineering Services did was supply Specsavers with the tools (conveyors, logic, lifters, pushers and turners) to allow Specsavers the capability to manufacture over two million pairs of Specsavers glasses a year.

All Wainwright products were supplied on time using and adopting Specsavers international manufacturing needs coupled with Lean Six Sigma principles. The Wainwright team supplied Specsavers with the flexibility to meet every challenge and there were many, and there will be many more.