05 Jun 2017

Chain conveyor is not something you buy every day. It’s a one-time purchase that goes on to serve you for years. Thus, any decision made in haste may ruin your industrial operations or call for immediate replacement.

Here are a few pointers to purchasing a chain conveyor so you can facilitate material handling and keep up the desired productivity.

Pick the system according to the environment

A chain conveyor is designed to handle a variety of materials at industrial and mining sites. The kind of material that will ride on the chain conveyor will determine your choice. Chain conveyors feature a protective coating that enables them to withstand high temperature, abrasion and corrosion. If you want features like these, discuss with your provider to make sure you have them in your conveyor system.

Take design into consideration

The design of your chain conveyor determines the efficiency you are going to get at the end of the day. Choosing the right design will cut down operating cost considerably, which means more savings year on year.


Operational hazards are common in every industrial setting, but why let them obstruct your work in the first place? Talk to your provider regarding safety features that should be there in your chain conveyor to protect material as well as operator from the damage.

In order to ensure seamless material handling operation, choosing the right equipment is crucial. And, your equipment supplier is the best person who can help you make the right decision.